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Wandering Across America Photo Post

There's a massive snow storm so I'v spent the morning drinking tea, staring out the window and finally finishing my "Wandering Across America 2014" photo album. The snow shows no sign of stopping, so I figured I might as well stay in photo mode and make a highlights post.The sheer volume of photos was pretty overwhelming, so for this post I've limited myself to 1 photo per location. This is no where near a comprehensive list of the places I visited, and some of the locations demand photo posts of their own--it was particularly difficult to choose just one photo out of the hundreds of photos I took in Glacier National Park--but this is a good start.

Mendocino County, CA

San Francisco

North Dakota (Teddy Roosevelt National Park)

Montana (Glacier National Park)


South Dakota


Florida (Gulf Coast)

Blue Ridge Parkway, VA


New York (Brooklyn Bridge)

Boston (Boston Public Library Reading Room)
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