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Dear Yuletide Author

Dear Yuletide Author,

Hello! Thank you SO MUCHfor offering to write a story for me! <3 I'm gonna blather on at you for quite some time, but rest assured, optional details are optional and I'm going to be thrilled to receive a story about any of these characters in any of these fandoms. 

My General Fic Likes/Dislikes 

I tend to favor character studies and/or stories that expand the setting's world-building. I love it when authors fill in the gaps left in the main narrative, whether it's by furnishing back-stories, writing stories that take before or after canon, or through slice-of-life moments while the narrative focus is off on bigger events (even if this is done with OCs or in a different time/place than the main story). I love how stories about side/minor characters allow you to look at the narrative from a new, different angle and/or to go off on tangents completely unrelated to the main narrative but within the same world. 
Of course, if you like writing plotty fic that involves lots of cast members, go right ahead.

Though I am a big shipper, many of my prompts for this exchange are not particularly shippy, though by all means, ship away if you are so inclined. Just please keep in mind that I'd rather you not include explicit sex scenes. I'm also not really into dark stories. I'm not by any means saying I need a fluffy, happy story,but I'm not a big fan of angst-for-the-sake-of-angst or angst-ridden tropes like hurt/comfort, major character death, or dark AUs.

For more information about stories I've written and stories I've bookmarked, check out my profile on 
A03. I'm also Lionteacher on tumblr.

My Requested Fandoms:

Compendium of World Knowledge - John Hodgman  
Any Character
Wow, it's really hard to overstate just how attached I am to John Hodgman's fake encyclopedias.  I love the way he wryly spins historical facts and absurd inventions together into always hilarious and sometimes very poignant little versions of our world and history.  I'd be happy for either additional or expanded encyclopedia entries written in Hodgman's style or stories written within the world created within these books from the perspective of any of these characters.

I'm asking for any character in this fandom, because I just want there to be more Areas of My Expertise in this world.  But if you'd really like to know, I'd be particularly happy to receive a story about either:

Actuaries--tell me more about their guilds, their secret rituals, the fate of that one actuary who was expelled from Omaha (off trying to start his life over again in a new city but haunted by the knowledge of his predicted death), the august history of the Actuarial Games (a thing I just made up, but want to know more about), the "real" history behind actuarial guild tattoos, ANYTHING. 


The Hobo Wars: Walker Evans: Artist by Day, Hobo Hunter by Night; the great rivalry between Walker Evans and Joey Stink-Eye Smiles (their mutual obsession, their hatred verging on love); The Experiences of Hobo Joe Junkpan as Secretary of the Treasury in the guise of Ogden Mills and the tension this episode caused between Joey Stink-Eye Smiles and Hobo Joe Junkpan.  

Also, there are too many dudes in the hobo wars, give me some lady hobos and lady hobo hunters. And while we're at it, who's to say Hobo Joe Junkpan wasn't really Hobo Jo Junkpan forced by historical prejudices to pretend to be both Ogden Mills and a man?  Woe, woe upon our society cursed with such virulent anti-hobo sentiment and misogyny.  Is it any wonder the hobos left us for the stars? What of the rumors that after the "Ogden Mills incident," Hobo Jo could not rid herself of her desire to meddle in non-hobo politics, even during the increasingly anti-hobo presidency of FDR?  And what of the rumored romance between Hobo Jo and Frances Perkins? If tales of their forbidden love are as baseless as mainstream historians insist then why, why was Frances Perkins so rarely seen after the hobos left for the stars, her appearances always foreshadowed by a strange comet streaking across the DC sky? 

See? See how much I love this fandom? I can't even keep myself from starting fic in my request prompt :DDD

Imperial Radch Series by Ann Leckie
Character: Mercy of Kalr

I received and wrote fic in this fandom for Yuletide last year, but I'm requesting it again because I love this fandom, and this character so much!

I find Mercy of Kalr endlessly fascinating and I would love to have a story, any story, from her* perspective. She's been through so much, both before and during the second two books, I'd love to see any of those events from her perspective. 

If character studies aren't really your thing, I'd equally be happy to receive a plotty, post-canon Mercy of Kalr POV story--setting up the Republic of Two Systems, interacting with other ships, Athoek Station, her crew, whatever. Mercy of Kalr just got a whole bunch of agency, I'd love to see her using it!  If this plot appeals to you but you don't feel up to the task of writing a story from a ship's perspective--you can write it from Breq, or Seivarden, or Tisarwat, or I guess any of the Mercy of Kalr crew's perspective, just so long as there's lots of "ships are people!" politics and love for Mercy of Kalr involved. 

Side note--I am also totally in love with the Breq/Mercy of Kalr/Seivarden OT3 relationship that starts getting established in Ancillary Mercy, so I'd be happy to see that included, just please respect Breq's canonically stated asexuality. There are so few asexual characters out there, and fic about asexual characters that ends up being all about getting the asexual character to have sex with their partner REALLY bothers me (and would totally be against canon in this case since all parties involved have stated that they are down with their relationship being about snuggles and feelings). 

*I know ships are primarily referred to as "it" throughout the series, but the end of the trilogy firmly establishes their personhood, so please refer to Mercy of Kalr as "she" just like all the other people in the book. In fact, I think Mercy of Kalr struggling with her new identity and agency,with this very pronoun shift, would be a great focus for a fic!  

Anathem - Neal Stephenson
Fraa Orolo
I would love to see the world of this book expanded, whether that's through backstory, or side-character POV on major events, or a quiet moment before or during the plot of the book. I requested Fraa Orolo, because he's just such a dear character and I would love to hear something in his voice--a slice-of-life in the Math, or him waxing poetic about some aspect of monastic life/philosophy/mathematics/chant. Or maybe a scene between him and some of the other characters in the novel but from his POV. Or some missing scene during the immediate aftermath of his expulsion from the Math, for instance. You get the idea, just anything Fraa Orolo.  

Alternatively, though I officially only nominated Fraa Orolo, I'd be equally happy for a story about Cord.  Same deal--backstory, slice of life, or anything from the novel from her perspective. 

Drunk History RPF  
Lin-Manuel Miranda (Drunk History RPF)
Listen, a decade before I had way too many feels about Hamilton the Musical, I had way too many feels about the very first drunk history episode, which was also about Alexander Hamilton. Lin-Manuel Miranda appearing on Drunk History for a second Alexander Hamilton episode allows me to have both those sets of feels at the same time. 

Lin-Manuel Miranda is an adorable, puppy-eyed human being with an incredible voice and a well-documented crush on Alexander Hamilton.  Mark Gagliardi is an adorable, puppy-eyed human being with an incredible voice and a well-documented crush on Alexander Hamilton. We know they got drunk together and talked about their mutual Hamilton feels. What if, let us imagine, they also snuggled and complimented each other, and maybe sang some showtunes?  Really, that's really all I want, just a couple of giddy, drunk, sweetie pies crushing on our ten dollar founding father (and maybe each other). 

Once again thank you so much for writing a story for me! I can't wait to read it <3
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