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<3 Yuletide <3 Part I

I was away visiting friends for Christmas and now that I'm home I'm busy packing all my stuff up for my mid-week move, but let me just pause and say YULETIDE! <3333

I can't tell you what I wrote for Yuletide until after reveals later this week, but OMG, drop everything and go read the two (two!) gifts I received.

I received a lovely Imperial Radch fic. It's Mercy of Kalr P.O.V., post-canon OT3 which is EXACTLY what I wanted.  Seriously, it's so lovely, go read it! 

Always the Next Morning and the Next
Most of the time, when a ship loves a captain, or any soldier, it’s because they treat us well, because they make requests rather than barking orders, because they speak to us with respect, sometimes even with interest. They are often warm, to varying degrees, and often open, also to varying degrees, but mostly they are just...good. Easy to work for, pleasant to coexist with, willing to be cared for.

Actually, after you read that, go read everything in the Imperial Radch tag. I wouldn't normally blanket rec a fandom, but there are only 11 stories, most of them are 1000-2000 words and they are all very good.  I will be more specific when I get around to writing a proper Yuletide recs post. 

And then, and then! I got a second gift!  GUYS, somebody wrote a 19th Century Paleontology RPF BALLAD for me!!! It is hilarious and perfect. Even if you're not familiar with the Bone Wars, just read it (no canon needed)!  I mean, just look at these tags:
Poetry, Ballads, Frenemies, Skull Theft, Paleontology, Elasmosaurs, Facial Hair

The Ballad of Marsh and Cope
The tale of the frustrated desires and mighty facial hair of Cope and Marsh in ballad form. Earlier drafts of this included the line 'precious cranial porridge'. You have been warned.

Okay, back to packing for me!   crossposted from
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