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The Well of Hamilton Feels

Hey there, internet. I'm so happy you fell down the same well of feels that [personal profile] eccentric_hat  and I were lucky enough to fall down at just the right time (aka, the time when you could still buy tickets to see the show).  No, I'm still not giving you a proper recap of the Trip to See Hamilton, because, well, even though it's been six weeks, I am still grappling with my feels.  But here, have a link spam of Hamilton things I've been accumulating instead:

The Basics
The 10 minute clip of performances from the show (Ham B Roll) that keeps getting taken down from the internet. Why yes, I did download it before it got taken off vimeo. I have no uploaded it myself, but with a password (password hamilton) 
Lin-Manuel Miranda's White House performance from 2009  AKA literally the only thing Eccentric Hat and I had to fuel our enthusiasm for this project for ages before we went to see it in September.

Oh, also, after we'd bought the tickets, but back when we were still having to explain what this show was and why we were excited about it and that no, "Hip hop musical about Alexander Hamilton" wasn't a joke. There was this piece on CBS Sunday Morning A Founding Father Takes the Stage 

<3 Leslie Odom Jr. Great Burr Analysis on Tumblr
Great clips from #Ham4Ham (the peformances the cast have been giving at ticket raffles)

Hamilton Meets Les Mis 
Other videos
Got Hamilton? AKA the parody of a 20 year old milk comericial that we all needed

Not exactly relevant, but, well, if you've stuck with me this long, you're probably interested in this clip of Lin-Manuel Miranda kissing Jonathan Groff because the internet told him to  (no, really, it's exactly what it says on the tin)
Annotated Lyrics
I put this at the bottom because you are gonna get lost in it

Okay, that's all for now for Hamilton musical feels for now, but here's a little epilogue.  My friend recently lured me into actually tweeting with my "I made this account so nobody steals my name but don't use it" twitter account by shouting out to me that it was "time for Hamilton feels." To which, I could only reply:

1) Hamilton feels? You mean like this?

2) Or this:                                                                 

3) Surely you don't mean this?

PS-Did I mention that Eccentric_hat and I SAW HAMILTON? We totally saw Hamilton! And it was the best. 

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