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I know it's rather cruel of me to be posting about how gorgeous the spring here has been so far when I know that it's still probably rather wintry where most of you are but I've been wanting to post some of the flower pictures I've taken over the last two weeks and today was just too nice not to mention.

It must have been 65 degrees out, sunny and breezy all day. I had skype dates all morning but after wards I grabbed some gimbap for lunch and ate it at the riverside park a few blocks from my apartment. After that I sat in the dappled shade under a blooming magnolia tree and wrote in my journal for about an hour. I mean seriously, it was a perfect afternoon.

I've been back in my apartment for the last few hours with the windows wide open getting some chores done but the weather's still making me outrageously happy.

I'm going to the Jinhae Cherry Blossom Festival this upcoming Sunday and the bamboo forest in Damyang the following weekend so I'm sure I'll be posting lots of nature photos in April. Spring! Eeee!

Magnolias at Sunset

These were the first blossoms I saw all year. At first I thought they were very early cherry blossoms, but now I'm pretty sure they were plum blossoms. Either way, pretty :)

A Bee, Doing His Job

Not sure what these are, but they sure do make that empty lot next to the post office look prettier

Saw some more waiting for a bus with Mudeungsan (the Mountain) in the background

So Pink!


Dewy Magnolias

Pink Cherry Blossoms, an unusual find (white are way more common here)

Can't wait for the cherry blossom festival this weekend!

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